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This platform computes flood maps, population affected and return periods for floods in Southeast Asia.

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The use of this SEADRIF platform is subject to the conditions set out below. By using this platform, you declare that you are acquainted with these conditions and agree to them. This SEADRIF platform is solely for use by the World Bank, who is only authorized to use the platform within its own organization and for its own use

The SEADRIF platform is a tool that aims to support risk awareness and risk monitoring by providing continuous flood mapping information. Although the platform has been set up with the greatest possible care, all information is provided “AS-IS” without any warranty of any kind. It is not guaranteed that the information is free of errors or omissions, nor that the platform works without defects and/or interruptions. Any implied warranty, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or any and all liability for failure of performance or for any loss or damage whatsoever suffered as a result of the use or reliance upon the platform, is expressly disclaimed.

The SEADRIF platform is to be used for demonstration purposes, i.e. internal assessment of functionality and technical evaluation, only, and may not be used for any real life decision-making or operational purposes.